Monday, June 4, 2007

Online sensation EMPIRE coming to paperback!

David Dunwoody's online serial zombie novel Empire--available to read in its unedited form here--is coming in trade paperback from Permuted Press! Dunwoody breaks new ground in Empire with a post-apocalyptic world that pits zombies against the king of the dead: the Grim Reaper himself!

It's 2112, 105 years after a zombie outbreak brought down the world's greatest powers and plunged humanity into a chaotic nightmare. In the United States, a fractured Senate is struggling to maintain some semblance of control. They have begun withdrawing all military and federal aid from the majority of the country, a zombie-infested husk termed "the badlands".

In what's left of Louisiana, the walled city of Jefferson Harbor is a silent ghost town. The vestigial U.S. Army has just pulled out, along with most civilians. Only a few remain, clinging to an idea of freedom and hope, even as supplies run dry and the world wastes away around them.

This is the time in which a psychopath, with a dark understanding of the dead's supernatural origins, will rise to try and claim his own kingdom.

This is the time in which Jefferson Harbor's last citizens will band together to try and save what is theirs.

This is the time in which the Grim Reaper himself--a sentient being marking the passage of time and watching the dead defy his touch--will finally snap and begin executing zombies en masse, cutting a swath toward Jefferson Harbor and a date with destiny.

Throughout history, empires have risen and fallen, and now it's time for the empire of the dead to face its reckoning. Can Earth be reborn, or is it lost forever?

The original version of Empire will remain online, but the print version will include 20% more material, expanding the Empire universe and adding depth to the existing story. Stay tuned for more details!

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