Monday, March 3, 2008

THE UNDEAD: HEADSHOT QUARTET (4 zombie novellas) now available!

Join authors D.L. Snell, Ryan C. Thomas, John Sunseri, and David Dunwoody as they fire four more rounds into the growing horde of living dead…

Available for purchase now from many stores including:

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MILLION-DOLLAR MONEY SHOT: The dead are rising in Aruba, and Vince has just made off with a couple million in mob money. As if mob hit men and rotting corpses weren’t bad enough, the big trouble is the creatures in the water—the ones who only come onto shore at night...

MORTAL GODS: A man with the ability to call objects into existence awakens in a zombie-swarmed alley with no memory of his past. Aided by a duo of heroes—one incredibly strong, the other psychic—he digs to uncover his identity and the source of his gift in a nightmarish landscape infested with mysterious creatures.

LOST SOULS: Three art students on a working vacation at an isolated New England college make a terrible discovery… The rustic setting seems to be perfect inspiration, but their lives are quickly consumed by the ghastly legacy of what lives beneath the nearby cemetery.

ENEMY UNSEEN: It’s not the sight of the walking dead that scares CIA agent Rhonda White. It’s the fact that someone is controlling them—someone whose new bio-weapon is up for bid on the black market. And if Rhonda doesn’t stop it, the world will never be the same…

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"Snell, Thomas, Sunseri, and Dunwoody lay waste to the old zombie traditions and throw one hell of a party at the end of the world!"

--Christopher Webster,

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