Friday, May 16, 2008

David Dunwoody's new free serial novel THE HARVEST CYCLE begins!

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In 2062, the Year of the Fiftieth Harvest, a Man confined to the sewers, tunnels and caverns of the underworld will venture above ground, into the cities-turned-wilderness left behind after the apocalypse, in a last bid to stop the alien Harvesters and the terrible Other Gods working their puppet-strings.

Only a few things stand in the way of our brave dreamers. First are the Harvesters themselves, who arbitrarily rise from the depths of the ocean to reap humankind; second are the synths, our own robot companions, who now believe that we are better off dead in this new world; third are those men who believe that they can stave off the Harvesters by extracting the human soul and condemning Man to a life without dreams.

This is the new apocalypse. This is the Harvest Cycle.

Start reading The Harvest Cycle here!