Thursday, May 8, 2008

Final table of contents for MONSTROUS

Permuted Press is pleased to announce the final table of contents for our upcoming anthology of giant creature tales Monstrous.

Edited by RYAN C. THOMAS
With an Introduction by STEVE ALTEN

TOC (in no particular order):

Nate Kenyon – Keeping Watch
John Towler – Scales
R. Thomas Riley—The Locusts Have A King
J. Thomas Jeans – Nirvana
Greg Norris – The Cove
Steve Alten – Lost in Time
John Platt – Gone Fishin’
Erin Anderson – Savage
Steven Shrewsbury – Attack of the 500 Foot Porn Star
Jeff Strand – The Big Bite
Patrick Rutigliano --- The Enemy Of My Enemy
Randy Chandler – Cooties
Aaron Polson – A Plague from the Mud
DL Snell – Present Tense, Future Imperfect
Cody Goodfellow – The Island of Dr. Otaku
David Conyers & Brian Sammons – Six Legged Shadows
Guy N. Smith – Crabs
Paul Stuart – Deep Dark Submission
Evan Dicken – Extinction
James A. Moore – Whatever Became of Randy

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