Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lovecraftian anthology CTHULHU UNBOUND vol. 2 is now available!

Cthulhu Unbound (Volume 2) edited by John Sunseri and Thomas Brannan and featuring tales by Tim Curran, William Meikle, Peter Clines, and others is now available for purchase from many stores including:

* Permuted Press - Free shipping on any 2 or more books!
* Amazon US
* Amazon UK
* Amazon Canada
* Barnes & Noble
* Many Others

Imagine being free. Free from everything that defines you, that makes you easily recognizable as who you are. Inside you'll find Doc Holliday and the Earp brothers alongside a knight of the Round Table. The stock market will crash in a whole new, terrifying way. You'll follow along as heroes go head-to-head with eldritch horrors from Lovecraft's universe. From Greek legends to Captain Nemo, from gangsters to brokers; from prisons to palaces, dead moons to South American jungles... No one is safe; nowhere is safe. This is a Mythos collection unlike any other. This is Lovecraft in many colors, many guises. This is Cthulhu-Unbound! Featuring:

* "The Tenants of Ladywell Manor" by Willie Meikle
* "Tomb on a Dead Moon" by Tim Curran
* "Passing Down" by Inez Schaechterle
* "The Hunters Within the Corners" by Douglas P. Wojtowicz
* "Surely You Joust" by Patrick Thomas
* "References in Cthonic, Eldritch, Roiling Creations are Recondite" by Warren Tusk
* "New Fish" by Kiwi Courters
* "The Long, Deep Dream" by Peter Clines
* "Santiago Contra el Culto de Cthulhu" by Mark Zirbel
* "Stomach Acid by David Conyers" and Brian M. Sammons
* "Sleeping Monster Futures" by Brandon Alspaugh
* "Nemo at R'lyeh" by Joshua Reynolds
* "What's a Few Tentacles Among Friends?" by Sheila Crosby
* "An Incident Occurring in the Huachuca Mountains, West of Tombstone" by Gary Vehar
* "Abomination With Rice" by Rhys Hughes

"Finally, someone who understands! Nothing and nowhere is safe from these perverse prophets of a chilling new Mythos vision. Tentacles without end, Amen!"
--Cody Goodfellow, author of RADIANT DAWN

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