Monday, April 19, 2010

Kim Paffenroth's VALLEY OF THE DEAD is now available!

Valley of the Dead, Kim Paffenroth's zombified take on Dante's Inferno is now available. Find it in many stores including:

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Working from Dante’s Inferno to draw out the reality behind the fantasy, author Kim Paffenroth unfolds the horrifying true events that led Dante to fictionalize the account of his lost years ...

For seventeen years of his life, the exact whereabouts of the medieval Italian poet Dante Alighieri are unknown to modern scholars. It is known that during this time he traveled as an exile across Europe, working on his epic poem, The Divine Comedy. In his masterpiece he describes a journey through the three realms of the afterlife. The most famous of its three volumes, Inferno, describes hell.

During his lost wanderings, Dante stumbled upon an infestation of the living dead. The unspeakable acts he witnessed—cannibalism, live burnings, evisceration, crucifixion, and dozens more—became the basis of all the horrors described in Inferno. Afraid to be labeled a madman, Dante made the terrors he experienced into a more “believable” account of an otherworldly adventure filled with demons and mythological monsters.

But at last, the real story can finally be told.

"Paffenroth is one of the most innovative and intelligent writers of zombie fiction."
--Horror Fiction Review

"A zombie novel of the first order."

"Some seriously smart horror fiction."
--Rue Morgue

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