Friday, June 4, 2010


Brian P. Easton's IPPY winning novel Autobiography of a Werewolf Hunter is now available. Find it in many stores including:

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It takes more than silver bullets to kill a werewolf...

Sylvester James knows what it is to be haunted. His mother died giving birth to him and his father never let him forget it; until the night he was butchered by a werewolf--the night a full moon ruined his life. Alone in the world, Sylvester is taken in by Michael Winterfox, a Cheyenne mystic. Winterfox, once a werewolf hunter, trains the boy to be a warrior--teaching him how to block out pain, stalk, fight, and kill. Bit by bit all that makes Sylvester human is sacrificed to the hunt. Now, Sylvester's hatred has become a monster all its own, robbing him of conscience and conviction as surely as the Beast's bite. As he follows his vendetta into the outlands of the occult, options become scarce. And he learns it takes more than silver bullets to kill a werewolf...

To kill a werewolf, it takes a hunter with a perfect willingness to die.

"This dark page-turner breathes new life into the werewolf myth. A must-read for any fan of dark fiction, it serves as a kind of travelogue through one man's personal hell, and Sylvester is one of the toughest SOBs to found in a work of fiction anywhere."

"Easton uses his extensive knowledge of the occult and government agencies to bring a dizzying authenticity to this novel. Thick with plot, description and a fevered violence, this novel offers up a slightly alternate reality that treads frighteningly close to our own."
--Rue Morgue

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