Thursday, January 6, 2011

Permuted Press teams up with!

We're pleased to announce that Permuted Press has teamed up with to bring not 1, not 2, but TEN of our top zombie titles to audio book lovers everywhere. Books receiving audio treatment in the deal include:
  • The Infection by Craig DiLouie
  • The Killing Floor by Craig DiLouie
  • Ex-Heroes by Peter Clines
  • Ex-Patriots by Peter Clines
  • Twilight of the Dead by Travis Adkins
  • After Twilight: Walking with the Dead by Travis Adkins
  • Acheron by Bryon Morrigan
  • The Undead Situation by Eloise J. Knapp
  • Hissers by Ryan Thomas
  • Domain of the Dead by Iain McKinnon
  • Valley of the Dead by Kim Paffenroth
Look for more news soon. While you wait, why not check out Audible's currently available zombie titles?

1 comment:

John Dixon said...

This is super cool news. Because I have a long commute, I gobble audiobooks. It will be great to listen to some Permuted titles.