Monday, April 25, 2011

Bryon Morrigans novel THE DESERT out now for just $2.99!

Bryon Morrigan's survival horror novel THE DESERT is now available in eBook format for just $2.99! Buy it now for:

* Kindle
* nook
* Other formats (Mobi, ePub, etc)

Give up trying to leave. There’s no way out.
Stay up high. You are safer up here.
Stay out of the fog.
Do not go into the hole.

Those are the final words in a bizarre journal left by the last apparent survivor of a platoon that disappeared during the Iraqi invasion in 2003. Seven years later, Captain Henderson and Specialist Densler realize that what happened to the "Lost Platoon" is now happening to them. Trapped in the middle of the desert, they must confront the horrifying creatures responsible for their misfortune, or risk suffering the same fate as that of the soldiers before them.

"Fun, fast-paced, and deliciously creepy."
--Jonathan Maberry, author of PATIENT ZERO and ROT & RUIN

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