Thursday, November 17, 2011

Iain McKinnon's REMAINS OF THE DEAD now available!

Iain McKinnon's new apocalyptic thriller REMAINS OF THE DEAD is now available. REMAINS is a parallel to Iain's previous novel DOMAIN OF THE DEAD, but the 2 books can be read completely independently. Pick it up now in many stores including:

* Kindle
* nook
* Other formats

* Createspace
* Amazon US
* Barnes & Noble
* Many more...

The world is dead, devoured by a plague of reanimated corpses.

Cahz and his squad of veteran soldiers are tasked with flying into abandoned cities and retrieving zombies for scientific study. Deep in infected territory, hundreds of miles from their support vessel, the ever present dangers weigh heavily on Cahz’s mind as he shepherds his team to make quick, clean extractions.

Then the unbelievable happens. After years of encountering nothing but the undead, the team discovers a handful of disheveled survivors in a fortified warehouse with dwindling supplies.

Surrounded by hordes of ravenous corpses, Cahz is faced with the terrible responsibility of determining the five passengers who will escape in the helicopter. While those left stranded must continue to fight off the infected and starvation long enough to be rescued.

“Believable characters trapped in a nightmare scenario—REMAINS OF THE DEAD is a breathless, high-octane zombie thriller. [McKinnon has] written another great book here…”
--David Moody, author of HATER and DOG BLOOD

“Absolutely superb.”
--Joe McKinney, author of DEAD CITY and QUARANTINED

“Sure to please fans of THE WALKING DEAD.”
--Walter Greatshell, author of the XOMBIES series

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