Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Peter Clines' THE JUNKIE QUATRAIN out now!

The latest release from Permuted bestseller Peter Clines (Ex-Heroes, Ex-Patriots), THE JUNKIE QUATRAIN, is now available! A collection of 4 interlocking short stories, it's available exclusively (for a time) on Amazon Kindle at $2.99 or free for Amazon Prime members.


Six months ago, the world ended.

The Baugh Contagion swept across the planet. Its victims were left twitching, adrenalized cannibals that quickly became know as Junkies. Civilization crumbled as people created isolated safe havens to hide from the infected... and the possibly-infected.

Now, as society nears a tipping point, lives will intersect and intertwine across two days in a desolate city. THE JUNKIE QUATRAIN is four tales of survival, and four types of post-apocalypse story. Because the end of the world means different things for different people. Loss. Opportunity. Hope. Or maybe just another day on the job.

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