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New Acquisitions for the Month of October at Permuted Press

Permuted Press continues its tradition of partnering with talented authors to release great, unique horror titles. October, 2013 brought a flurry of activity with the following acquisitions.

SP Durnin, Keep Your Crowbar Handy Series: 
Formulated in classic zombie horror style, Keep Your Crowbar Handy is a 6 book series to be published by Permuted Press. Architect of the KyCH world, SP Durnin, has done extensive rewrites and edits from the original 170,000 word epic first edition and is birthing new life into this series.

RJ Sevin, Buster Voodoo:
A washed-up janitor from Six Flags New Orleans investigates the disappearance of children in Marie Laveau’s zombie nightmare.

Vanessa A. Ryan, Horror at the Lake: A Vampire Tale:
Susan Runcan wants to clear the name of her famous archeologist grandfather Lindon Runcan, who died fifteen years earlier. Although Lindon claimed thieves stole the ancient artifacts from his last expedition in Egypt depriving the Egyptian government and his backers of the spoils, Lindon stole them himself. Susan inherits the artifacts from her uncle, including a mysterious gold medallion, as well as her grandfather's stately home in the town of Lake Masley. She comes hoping to the lake to learn the reason her grandfather risked his career for these artifacts. But instead, she finds a town gripped with fear ruled by rumors of murders.

Rhiannon Frater, Pretty When She Dies, Pretty When She Kills, and Pretty When She Destroys:
An ordinary woman is murdered by an ancient vampire and reborn as a powerful vampire necromancer. Now it is up to her to save the world.

Rhiannon Frater and Kody Boye, Midnight Spell:
Two lifelong best friends ostracized in their small town – he is gay, she is a witch –  cast a midnight love spell. They and their new love interests will have to battle a force of darkness which has killed in their town before and will kill again.

Rhiannon Frater, The Mesmerized:
A woman in Las Vegas witnesses a horrific, supernatural mass event and must team up with the few people left unaffected to save their loved ones from the new terror controlling the world.

Mason James Cole, Pray to Stay Dead:
Set in the 1970's, five friends try to survive the zombie apocalypse. Bram Stoker award winning author Jonathan Maberry calls PTSD, "a brutally entertaining collision of zombie thriller and grindhouse action."

Tony Monchinski, I Kill Monsters series:
Nine books are pending release in the I Kill Monsters series. The series begins in August, 1998. Boone is a hard-drinking, cocaine-snorting, steroid-injecting kid with a hot temper. He's a racist, and he just so happens to be a terrible shot. Boone runs with a crew that makes their living the old fashioned way. They steal for it. Robbing vampire clans of their blood and flipping it to rival blood suckers has been quite lucrative... until they rob the wrong vampire. Now the hunt is on.

Tony Monchinski, Dervish:
A group of disgraced military types are used as test subjects in a new weapons system combining alternate universes, inter-dimensionality, and time travel. Using their special forces experience, they have to survive fighting armies of the past, present and future.

Tony Monchinski, Gassers
Tony Monchinski, author of the best selling Eden series will be delivering a new action/horror work in 2014 for future release.

Brendan Deneen, The Ninth Circle:
This dark, surreal novel inspired by Dante's Inferno introduces us to teenager who runs away with a traveling circus in hopes of finding a better life after becoming enraptured by the bewitching blue eyes of Hairy Carrie, the bearded lady. Soon, he discovers that nothing is ever quite what it seems.

Craig DiLouie, The End of the Road:
As five college friends cross America in a minivan to find themselves, they chance upon a road that isn’t on any map that they can't resist exploring. When they finally find themselves, they won’t like what they find. This short story is now available at major online retailers in eBook format.

Jessica Meigs, The Becoming Series 4, 5 and 6, Under Siege, Descent and Redemption:
Jessica Meigs continues her best selling series, The Becoming, with three new works with Permuted Press. Look for these releases throughout 2014 and 2015.

Stephen A. North, Beneath the Mask:
Rumors claim the whole earth is under siege. Is it an alien invasion or terrorist attack? Tampa, Florida is quarantined and Military Police are called up for the crisis. Sergeant Alexander Cray is on a patrol that begins with a deadly encounter at an interstate truck stop and continues through a trek across a panic-stricken, lawless metropolis.

Stephen A. North, Drifter
In the year 2099, facing joblessness, a spiralling crime rate, and an unquenchable demand for offworld human labor and soldiers, Earth's rulers begin using forced transportation to other planets. Do your time and maybe you will get a second chance at life on Earth as it should be. When condemned killer Mace Christopher is sentenced to Test Group Six on the hell planet known as Bacchus III, he knows his chance of survival and his second chance at the good life just got even slimmer.

R. Thomas Riley and Roy C. Booth, Mortuary of Madness
Young William Ackerman, the last family member in a long line of controversial morticians, had to get out of the small, stagnating town he grew up in before it smothered him to death. Saddled with the recent death of his father and plagued by ugly family rumors of experimentation with reanimation, William had reached his breaking point. All William ever wanted was health, happiness, and a family in his life, but all of those dreams suddenly change when his childhood sweetheart is wrenched away by her money-hungry parents. This eerie, macabre tale of revenge follows one man's tortured descent into madness, explores the hazards and trappings associated with greed, and shows the evil that men are capable of when pushed to the limit. This novel is based off of an original screenplay by Actor Jim O'Rear.

Look for these and many others from Permuted Press at retailers throughout 2014 and beyond.

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