Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Permuted Press is part of the 2009 Horror Bail Out!

Thanks to Choate Road for including Permuted in their 2009 Horror Bail Out. Full details including participating publishers and prizes(!) available here. Here's the basics:

It's no secret that these are tough times and money is tight for everyone. Huge corporations are lining up for DC pork and we all know who gets stuck with the bill for $800 billion and counting.

But nowhere in this vast plan do I see any help coming to the Horror Fiction industry.

Our publishers are struggling. Books aren't selling. Magazines are barely scraping by. We're seeing paying markets close doors every month. Even horror conventions are pushing to the back third of the year hoping things get better.

Well, Choate Road has decided to launch a grass roots HORROR BAIL OUT plan to help shake some things up. It's going to be simple. It's also going to rely on all of us, because if we lose our publishers, we're all looking at a dead end.

The HORROR BAIL OUT is this: When you go to toss the government that $800 billion, keep $20 out. Don't give it to DC. Pocket it. Whistle and stare into the sky so no one notices. Run home and shove that $20 in your desk or cookie jar or underwear drawer next to your leopard skin thong.

Then go buy a book.

Doesn't matter from which horror publisher. Doesn't matter which horror author. Just take five minutes to visit a site, find a novel or anthology you like and order your copy. If you can't decide on anything, $20 will get you a magazine subscription. Then you'll have a large variety of writers for a full year. One book. One subscription. You will help out a publisher more than you can imagine.

Say you simply can't afford $20. Got a birthday this year? Most of us do. Maybe your favorite aunt can skip the socks and assorted chocolates. Which book would you like? Your work buddies can switch that gift card to Denny's for a horror gift certificate. Many publishers offer them, and the great fiction will last far longer than a burger and coke. Read more...

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