Friday, November 6, 2009

THE DEAD by Mark E. Rogers is now available!

Mark E. Rogers classic zombie novel The Dead featuring 30+ illustrations by the author is now available in a brand new edition from Permuted Press. Find it in many stores including:

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* Amazon US
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* Barnes & Noble
* Many Others

The Dead is one of the lesser known gems of the genre and currently has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on with 79 reviews!

A terrible judge comes like a thief in the night. While the world sleeps, everything changes. In the diseased light of a festering sun, planes drop from the sky, machines sputter and stop, and the graves of the shrieking damned burst open. Angels from hell clothe themselves in the flesh of corpses to form an unholy army. Dreaming of his father hammering his way out of a coffin, Gary Holland is jolted awake by the phone to learn that his father is dead. Bickering over infidelity and religion, the family gathers for the funeral... and confronts hell on earth at the Jersey Shore. Hounded from cellar to sewer, the staggering, bloodied survivors of the Holland clan are pushed remorselessly to choose between black despair and hopeless faith.

"A seminal novel in the zombie canon--a bonafide classic that should be required reading for fans of post-apocalyptic or horror fiction."
--Brian Keene, author of THE RISING and DEAD SEA

"One of the very best books in the genre."
--J.L. Bourne, author of DAY BY DAY ARMAGEDDON

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