Monday, August 8, 2011

THE HOLE by Aaron Ross Powell now available!

Aaron Ross Powell's novel of global conspiracy, living dead, and the end of the world, The Hole, is now available in many stores including:

* Amazon US
* Amazon UK
* Amazon Canada
* Barnes & Noble
* Many more...

* Kindle
* nook
* Other formats

The world as Elliot Bishop and Evajean Rhodes know it is gone. Destroyed. In just two weeks, a horrific plague raged across the planet--driving its victims insane before killing them.

The two survivors set out on an unimaginable journey, driven by a cryptic message from Evajean's husband: If anything terrible happens, you must get to Salt Lake City. But the pair soon discover they are not alone, and that the plague has done more than kill. The countryside between Virginia and Utah now crawls with victims who have been driven mad--violent lunatics fueled with definite yet unknown purpose.

To survive, Elliot and Evajean must fight for their lives--against the crazies, against sinister forces who would stop their quest, against long-ago hidden menaces--and uncover the deeply guarded secret of those driven mad and the plague that spawned them. The secret of a destructive force unleashed on the world by one of America's most powerful religious sects...

"A unique take on the apocalypse. Powell draws on modern supernatural belief to craft an intriguing vision of Man’s last stand."
--David Dunwoody, author of EMPIRE and EMPIRE'S END

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