Monday, August 8, 2011

Over 15 Permuted eBooks for under $5!

Wow... did you know Permuted Press has over 15 eBooks that are under $5 each? Titles from Joe McKinney, Eric S Brown, Bryon Morrigan, Jason S. Hornsby, Brian P. Easton, and many others. Grab a few for your Amazon Kindle or Nook, you can't go wrong at those prices!

QuarantinedThe DesertAutobiography of a Werewolf HunterWinds of ChangeStories for the End of the WorldDead Earth: The Green DawnEleven Twenty-ThreeEleven Twenty-ThreeThe UndeadVampire Apocalypse: A World Torn AsunderVampire Apocalypse: Descent Into ChaosVampire Apocalypse: FalloutBuck Alice and the Actor-RobotSeason of RotDown the Road: On the Last DayRoses of Blood on Barbwire VinesThe Estuary

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