Friday, August 30, 2013

Permuted Press Announces New Acquisitions

We've been busy this summer at Permuted Press, and have recently inked new publishing deals with some of your favorite authors as well as a few new names. Here are some things to look forward to in 2014 and beyond.

Brian P. Easton: Autobiography of a Werewolf Hunter: The Lineage
Continuing his successful Autobiography of a Werewolf Hunter series, Brian P. Easton will bring Permuted his third book in the series.

Briar Lee Mitchell: Ghostie
Briar is new to Permuted's list of authors. Next summer, she will introduce us to a 60-foot Megalodon shark thought to be extinct that makes an appearance off the California coast with deadly consequences.

C. Dulaney: From The Ashes - Roads Less Traveled 4
C's first three books with Permuted, the Roads Less Traveled series, have consistently been among our top sellers. The ink just dried on our latest agreement with her which will bring her 4th installment to eBook and print in the future.

Derek Gunn: The HMS Swift Adventures
In Permuted Press circles, Derek Gunn is better known for his book The Estuary and the forthcoming reissue and new works in the Vampire Apocalypse series. Derek is a prolific author, and we are excited to have obtained the publishing rights to two novellas and one full length novel which collectively make up The HMS Swift Adventures. Derek describes the series as "action on the high seas with a lesser known history of the emerging world." Describing the period in which the series is set, he calls it, "a time for exploration and great discovery but it is also a time when horrors and dark forces that have lain dormant in the world begin to wake."

D.S. Sager: Evil Vein 1 and 2
In the first book of the Evil Vein series, Dark Beginnings, Hal Johnston thought he had created the perfect serum in an attempt to save his dying wife; one which could extend human life indefinitely. Instead, it went horribly wrong and de-humanized her. Hell bent on revenge against the cruelties of the world, Johnston releases the drug into the small port town of Tylerton, California with devastating results.

Gareth Wood: Black Horizon 1, 2 and 3
Gareth, author of the popular Rise series, is developing a new saga involving several astronauts who have spent hundreds of years in suspended animation on the moon. They are awakened as they fall into the Earth's atmosphere hundreds of years after going to sleep. The Earth they return to is nothing like the one which they left.

Jacqueline Druga: Sleepers 1, 2 and 3
With Healing, book #2 of her Flu series, approaching release in November, Jacqueline Druga has brought Permuted her self-published Sleepers series which will be finding new life with a set of new edits and new artwork. Additionally, it will be available in print for the first time in early 2014.

Jason S. Hornsby: Desert Bleeds Red
Jason, author of Eleven Twenty-Three and Every Sigh, The End, is approaching completion on his latest work, Desert Bleeds Red. Jason promises "demons, travels through desert wastelands, exotic locales, evil international intrigue, Biblical parables, symbolism and haunting imagery, a little sex, and lots of gruesome violence."

M.L. Katz: The Information Thieves
M.L. Katz will be a new name to Permuted readers. Even though her first books with us, the Raft People series, have not yet officially hit our press, M.L. calls The Information Thieves her personal favorite of the stories she has written. Set in the Raft People universe The Information Thieves follows a later generation of characters who explore future history.

Michael S. Gardner: The Downfall Trilogy
Great zombie novels are what built Permuted Press to what we are today, and Michael Gardner continues the tradition with three new books, Downfall, Aftermath and Retribution. In Downfall, Mathew Ryland, dejected from the loss of his girlfriend, finds himself leading a motley crew of survivors in a world where the dead stalk and consume the living.

Rob Fox: Z-Day is Here and Z-Day Is Here One Year Later
When Rob Fox isn't writing writing for the screen, currently being consumed with creating two new television pilots and two feature films, he spends his leisure time crafting zombie novels. His two Z-Day books, originally released by Library of the Living Dead, are finding new life with Permuted by seeing re-release in 2014 or 2015.

Steven Pajak: Mad Swine 3 - New Dawn
Steven's Mad Swine series was originally envisioned as two books, but readers quickly developed an insatiable appetite for more. Even though much of Mad Swine 3 still resides in the mind of Mr. Pajak, upon its manifestation to the page Permuted Press will be there to deliver it to hungry readers.

Each of these releases will be available as eBooks at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Smashwords. You will also find them in print immediately following their electronic release. 

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