Monday, September 30, 2013

Permuted Press Announces New Acquisitions for the Month of September

September was a busy month at Permuted Press. In addition to a record breaking Friday the 13th sale, we've also been working on new arrangements with some fantastic authors. Here are a few bite size glimpses at what's ahead in 2014 and beyond.

Craig Saunders: The Setting Sky
"Post-apocalyptic adventure with dark skies following a meteor strike."

Elise Walters: Tentyrian Legacy
"A Story of Destiny, Love, and Vampires Centuries in the Making."

Iain McKinnon: Denying Thanatos
A new work from the author of Domain of the Dead, Remains of the Dead and September's Demise of the Living

Jack Hanson: Cry Havoc
"Science Fiction involving dinosaurs in the future with machine guns. Yes. Dinosaurs with machine guns."

Jeremy Robert Johnson: Skullcrack City
"Weird dystopian sci-fi noir with brain eating zombies"

Jonathan Moon: Hollow Mountain Dead
"The story of a cosmic evil being awoken from its centuries of slumber within a populated mountain during the late 1800’s in the American West."

Michael Gardner: Downfall (Book 1), Aftermath (Book 2) and Retribution (Book 3)
"Dejected from the loss of his girlfriend, Mathew Ryland finds himself leading a motley crew of survivors in a world where the dead stalk and consume the living. "

Steven Pajak: Mad Swine 3
"Originally, Mad Swine was planned to be a two book series, but it became clear when the book reached beta readers that they wanted more and there were enough materials and unanswered questions so this is the third."

Steven Pajak: Project Hindsight
"A sci-fi/thriller/adventure about remote viewing, government conspiracy and mysterious disappearances."

Timothy W. Long and Jonathan Moon: The Boom Generation
"At random times people are exploding in a manner that creates human bombs with bones as shrapnel when Gerald Coin escapes his office building and realizes that he is not safe with his own wife and child because anyone of them, at any time, can become a weapon."

Tom Calen: Scars of Tomorrow Series: Torrance (Book 1), The Ignota (Book 2) and Tears of the Sowilo (Book 3)
"Did Torrance, the man from the woods, in fact save humanity or did he simply deliver us from one Hell to another?"

Tonia Brown: Skin Trade 1, 2 and 3
"The skin trade is the terrible deed of trapping and skinning zombies for profit."

Bryon Morrigan: The Ancients
"The first in The Ancient City dark fantasy series."

Sean Schubert: Alaskan Undead 4: Resolution and (untitled)
"The Alaskan Undead series continues, and an entirely new series begins."

Caesar Diogenes: The Secret of the Black Crystal
"Meet Maat Winslow, a psychic paranormal investigator in New York City."

Each of these releases will be available as eBooks at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Smashwords. You will also find them in print immediately following their electronic release.